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Calmer in Five

The world around you may be noisy, but regardless of who you are, you have the ability to be calm even in the toughest times.  Calmer in 5 helps you understand new ways of thinking and being in order to tap into the limitless calm that exists within each of us.  Each week Thom Walters shares new ideas, thoughtful questions and actionable steps, all aimed at helping you live your days as serenly, and intentionally as possible.

Feb 22, 2023

Many times we become paralyzed thinking that the people around us are judging our every move.  The reality is that not many people are, if any. They are often times more wrapped up in their own lives.  Science proves this.  Today I share some thoughts and read a great article which talks about the science.  Come...

Feb 15, 2023

Advertisers and movie producers have upped their game in order to get you to buy their products and watch their shows. Some of them we may know, and some of them we may not. But the outcome is the same, diminished levels of calm. Let’s talk about the ways advertisers attempt (and many times succeed) at manipulating us...

Feb 8, 2023

I have so many good friends at the gym, and they are always striving to be stronger. That drive and determination is impressive. Today I want to talk about expanding that drive to encompass other aspects of who you are, aside from your physicality. Let’s talk about PR’s for your mind and soul.

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Feb 7, 2023

We are all one people. We all have things we wish to experience in life. And if you want to be calmer then the best way to do that is to create community with the world around you. Not just those you know, but more so, the people you don’t. Today I talk about some things to consider when you are out in the world...

Feb 1, 2023

We have talked about how judgements against people are never serving.  But today I want to talk about how judgments about anything are equally unserving.