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Calmer in Five

The world around you may be noisy, but regardless of who you are, you have the ability to be calm even in the toughest times.  Calmer in 5 helps you understand new ways of thinking and being in order to tap into the limitless calm that exists within each of us.  Each week Thom Walters shares new ideas, thoughtful questions and actionable steps, all aimed at helping you live your days as serenly, and intentionally as possible.

Dec 30, 2022

We all know that social media can be a huge source of stress, and xiety and depression.  Butit doesn't have to be.  It just depends on who you follow.  Let's talk about it.

Dec 28, 2022

Sometimes we think that stress is this huge cllossal thing. The truth is, it's pretty quiet.  Today I talk about one way to see if it's there.


Dec 27, 2022

Today is a little bit longer for CI5 episodes, but the topics covered will help many people get some help.  There are many people who suffer silently. But we can be the support they need, or lead them to a more suitable support. 

Dec 23, 2022

When life gets hard some people check out; they distract themselves from whatever is causing them distress. But you can't run. Sooner or later you have to face what you're running from.  Let's talk about how to do that.

Dec 23, 2022

There are many things that can lead to feeling unsettled. But there is one theme that ties them all together.  Today I talk about learning how to let things be as they are.