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Calmer in Five

The world around you may be noisy, but regardless of who you are, you have the ability to be calm even in the toughest times.  Calmer in 5 helps you understand new ways of thinking and being in order to tap into the limitless calm that exists within each of us.  Each week Thom Walters shares new ideas, thoughtful questions and actionable steps, all aimed at helping you live your days as serenly, and intentionally as possible.

Sep 30, 2016

Setting goals is important; they help us chart our success in life.  However, many times we set empty goals just to record something.  Isn't it time to change that?

Sep 29, 2016

Success is so trendy, so full of imagery.  The thing is, that imagery is make believe, the stuff of movies and magazines.  Make your own pictures.

Sep 28, 2016

Should is society.  Should is your family and friends.  Should is all the people that impose their beliefs on you.  It's time you stop shoulding.

Sep 27, 2016

There are two Words I have eliminated from my vocabulary, can't and Impossible.  What words have you ditched to think clearer.

Sep 26, 2016

We all want to be the boss.  Maybe it's the boss of where we work or maybe it's just the boss of the house.  However, you are the boss of you.  Make Decisions that impact your "bottom Line"