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Calmer in Five

The world around you may be noisy, but regardless of who you are, you have the ability to be calm even in the toughest times.  Calmer in 5 helps you understand new ways of thinking and being in order to tap into the limitless calm that exists within each of us.  Each week Thom Walters shares new ideas, thoughtful questions and actionable steps, all aimed at helping you live your days as serenly, and intentionally as possible.

Jun 30, 2016

5 MM 126 The Trailblazer

Hello my friends and welcome to Five Minute Mojo.  Today I recorded an episode of Zen commuter that focused on ways to leave the comfort zone.  Specifically, it was a primer on escaping the comfort zone by taking baby steps.  On the show I read a great article.  Definitely tune in tomorrow to...

Jun 29, 2016

5 MM 125 Sitting with Sadness

Hello my friends and welcome to Five Minute Mojo.  It isn’t possible to be happy all the time, not should you ever want to be.  We grow in all situations.  In fact, most times we grow the most during challenging times.  Of course that doesn’t mean we should be looking to experience...

Jun 28, 2016

There is a perception that shower a less than perfect version of ourselves is weakness.  In this rebroadcast I will help you understand that it is just the opposite.

Jun 27, 2016

There are far more downfalls to I want it now thinking than you may realize.  Check them out today on Five Minute Mojo.

Jun 24, 2016

We all want to be there for our friends.   These three ways will help you do just that.